20130830_195137 Hello,

My name is Steve and I am the one who started this mess called drunk geek.

I’m a self proclaimed geek and beer enthusiast… I’ve been called geek and drunk before, but I like the idea of be self proclaimed.. I also have a self proclaimed doctorate in Geekdom with a minor in nerdism. So from here on you can call me Doctor.

I have a few nicknames.. one has been around since high school, its so bad that people think it’s my actual name.

I love comics, movies, video games, making fun of pop culture icons, the internet, snowboarding, music and beer.  I also have a slight addiction to caffeine… I’ve had two monsters and two cups of coffee today :). My liver probably hates me.

I also write for a site called

I’ve consumed a lot of beer, and even brewed some with my roommates. Yes i’m 26 and I have roommates.

There’s nothing I won’t talk or write about, more so when I’ve had a few. This blog is a place where I can post about geek stuff, vent and give my obscured view of the world and the things around me.

Enjoy what you read, troll if you must, but remember… No power in the verse can stop me.

2 responses to “Steve

  1. Steve, are you on twitter? I’m Sean, from The Nerd Church Podcast ( and was going to post one of your articles (batman/superman from my twitter feed. I wanted to credit your twitter name as well as the link. Hope to hear from you soon!

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