Hello everyone,

My name is Geoff, but most my friends call me Ge-off (I know, it’s a pretty big stretch). I like to think I bring a little balance to this blog, a bit of class if you will. My apartment smells of rich mahogany and I have many leather bound books, but I digress…

I’m a big fan of science fiction, particularly anything and everything to do with space. I like fantasy, video games, and dabble in computers as well, but sci-fi is my bread and butter. Speaking of bread, I’m also a beer geek. I love a lot of different styles and brands, and I’m always trying to find the latest, greatest, and tastiest brew.

I got dragged into this blogging thing by my friend and roommate, Steve, but it all feels so right now. I like to stir the pot and get people fired up, so feel free to love and hate my posts. We can disagree, but as long as we come together as geeks at the end of the day, I count that as a win.

So read, share, comment, and keep coming back for more. And may the force be with you…

DG pic2

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